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Application Suffolk County


I hereby authorize Property Tax Guardian LLC to process my Application For Correction/Refund for filing in calendar year 2021 immediately, as my exclusive agent, with the Township's Board of Assessment Review (BAR) and before any county and/or village/city BAR/ Small Claims Assessment Review of the Supreme Court, State of New York, for correction of the assessment appearing on the 2021/22 tentative roll and all corrections for the 2021/22 tax year. I authorize The Board of Assessment Review, and/or village/city to communicate directly with Property Tax Guardian LLC in all matters relating to this application.

1- Eligibility: 1. A person named in the records of the Suffolk County Clerk as a homeowner; or 2. That person’s a authorized a gent; or 3 . A person who has contracted to buy a home; or 4. The estate of a deceased homeowner, is eligible under law to receive a tax assessment reduction and a property tax refund. 5. The property is a one, two or three family home used exclusively for residential purposes. If you are not in any of these categories you will not be able to receive a property tax refund and you should not sign this agreement. If you are in one of these categories you may sign this agreement.

2-Service To Be Performed: Note that you are not required by law to use a tax reduction service in order to file for and/or receive a tax assessment reduction. By signing this agreement, however, you are directing Property Tax Guardian LLC (not affiliated with any municipality) to prepare and file your First Level Complaint for review by the Board of Assessment Review, to represent you at any proceeding which includes the preparation and filing of the Petitions, the preparation and presentation of a Market Analysis and to physically appear on your behalf at settlement conferences and all court hearings as necessary. Property Tax Guardian LLC will prepare and file forms required by any municipality for issuance of a possible refund check, minus any fees due and the balance forwarded to you within 30 days from our receipt.

3-Notification Of Tax Reduction: Property Tax Guardian LLC will make every reasonable effort to communicate the terms of any offer of settlement made by Nassau County in the course of the tax assessment review proceeding as required by law. I fully authorize Property Tax Guardian LLC to negotiate a settlement for me.

4-Fee For Service: Property Tax Guardian LLC DOES NOT CHARGE A FEE IF THERE IS NO REDUCTION. If successful, I agree to pay a fee equal to 50% of the Tax Reductions payable within 30 days of the notification of the tax reductions, and to pay such fee in the event I sell or move out of the subject property. If I default on said payment, I agree to pay a two hundred dollar late fee after 30 days and, if needed, reasonable collection fees and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by Property Tax Guardian LLC. A $30 court filing fee will apply for each appeal filed.

5-Cancellation: Any home owner filing with 1 or more agencies/attorneys, or pro-se, are subject to a cancellation fee of $300 should Property Tax Guardian LLC be instructed to withdraw their application upon notice of the duplicate filing.

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